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A big message from your sponsor

Something they do and some more details about it

Link to find out more

Catchy Subject-Line Title

A short personal message from the editor to start off the newsletter works great.

It can connect to your subject-line but it doesn't have to necessarily. It could give a behind the scenes look of something going on at your publication or just something that is on your mind.

If you can connect it to the nice-big image below that's even better. Or if it's just an interesting image you wanted to share you can explain in the caption.

- The Editor

Big image description

Here's a caption for your nice big picture

One Big Story

This is the place to put a really big story that you've just published.  Link this back to your subject-line by including some variation of the story-title in your subject-line. (this way your reader knows what the biggest story is and will have a hook to draw them in)

Continue with about a 3-4 paragraph excerpt or summary of the story.

Another paragraph here.

And maybe another paragraph here - then give a link to continue reading the full story on your website.

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The Roundup
Story One

If you publish a lot of stories between days you send out your newsletter, you can round-up your next biggest stories here.  Keep the description to a short, 1-paragraph teaser.

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Story Two

Or if you don't publish stories as frequently as you publish your newsletter, you can curate interesting stories from other sources that have local appeal.

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Story Three

Three stories works well for this, but we have seen great newsletters that do a couple more.  Anything more than 5 gets to be cumbersome.

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What's Going On

This Week

We see a lot of newsletters that share events going on in the community.

Monday - Just a quick, 1-line note about each one with a link to sign-up if there is one. (link)

Wednesday - If there is no link, you can just say where it will be instead. (Location)

Next Week

You can do the same thing for next week too.

Tuesday - This could also be a great place to sneak in some sponsored events or advertisements. (link)

Thursday - To get event ideas, you can add a form to your website where people can submit events they want to be included. (Location)

A message from [your sponsor]:

Something they do: and some more details about it (Read more)

Meet Someone

Their Name

A few lines about the person. And why they are such a valuable member of the community. Or you can do a short question and answer interview.

Featured Tweet
Featured Tweet

And a short description of why the tweet is interesting

Big call to action here
Use to attract new members, subscribers or ask for donations
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Job Postings

A lot of newsletters use job postings as a premium offering. (either to post or only available to see in a paid newsletter)

Job Title - at company. And maybe a very short description.

Another Job Title - at company.

Closing Note

This can be just a simple, thanks for reading! Or it can be something a bit more personalized that ties back to your opening note.

This is also a great time to remind people that you are accepting donations and give a nice big Donate button at the bottom.

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